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Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company is dedicated to delivering the absolute best service to all of our clients. In this modern era, it’s very easy to allow technology to take over and allow us to forget about the need for personal contact and care to really deliver the best product possible. Do you really want to trust such a huge financial decision to someone 3000 miles away that you have never met? Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company offers personal, one on one consultations with a licensed Florida Reverse Mortgage expert who as a member of your community, is far more prepared to handle the local nuance of such a unique transaction. At Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company, Florida Reverse Mortgages are all we do! We are YOUR Local & Trusted Florida Reverse Mortgage Solution.

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  • How exactly do you deliver this amazing service?

    Great question! We deliver it by personalizing your experience by meeting face to face, or by a number of ways virtually, including Zoom, FaceTime, and Android. We offer in-home meetings and consultations anywhere in the state of Florida, helping to really make us, “Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company”!

  • Sounds Great? Now What?

    Pick up the phone and call us! 844-FLA-BEST from anywhere in Florida or look up your local Florida’s Best office near you. We understand that everyone has a unique situation, and we want to help and understand yours. Call or email us at for a confidential and private conversation today.


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Hello, and thank you for visiting our webpage. Your home is one of your biggest assets, and the source of appreciating wealth. A Reverse Mortgage in Florida can help you tap into that existing wealth, so you can build a better retirement, without ever requiring a payment or having to give your home or lifestyle! As President of Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company, my goal is to get anyone who wishes the most complete information about reverse mortgages in Florida and to serve our clients as personally and thoroughly as possible.

Many clients come to me, struggling with how unprepared they are with the realities of a modern retirement. Often, burdensome debt for honorable reasons ("I had to take out another mortgage to pay for my kid's college") or unfortunate circumstances beyond one's control ("Cancer doesn't stop the bills, I needed to take out the money at the time...") or an unplanned end of employment ("It was cheaper to hire someone else than keep me") leads to a truly tough spot. Trying to enjoy the Golden Years can run right into financial realities from years past.

The big question on these same client's mind is: "How can I solve this financial puzzle, so I can build a better retirement, without having to sell my home or give up my lifestyle?"
Well, I have answers...

After over a 20+ year career in residential and consumer finance, I spent several years of intense studying and training learning and mastering the nuance of Reverse Mortgages in Florida, and I have finally built a winning program that I hope to share with you.

With a great passion for helping others, as well as an equal passion for our great state of Florida, we aim to truly be Florida’s Best Reverse Mortgage Company in every way. We ONLY write reverse mortgage loans in Florida, and this allows us to give a level of service that simply cannot be matched by national companies. We center our beliefs and values around the idea of serving our clients, and I personally look forward to serving you.

Brian Correa
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