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There is a new attitude about the modern Reverse Mortgage. A Reverse Mortgage is for:

  • Those close to retirement, but just can't seem to bridge the financial gap

  • Seniors burdened by an existing mortgage payment and seeking to eliminate it

  • If you have found yourself unemployed late in your career

  • Or perhaps has your job been displaced

  • Maybe you have experienced an unexpected medical hardship

  • Folks who are depleting their nest egg or assets too fast

  • Disciplined retirees looking to maximize their portfolio

  • Retired homeowners without other assets to leverage

  • Any Homeowner over 62 looking for Tax-Free Cash or a Line of Credit for almost any reason

Let me explain...

Your home is one of your biggest assets, and the source of appreciating wealth. A Reverse Mortgage can help you tap into that existing wealth, so you can build a better retirement, without ever requiring a payment or having to give your home or lifestyle!

Many clients come to me, struggling with how unprepared they are with the realities of a modern retirement. Often, burdensome debt for honorable reasons ("I had to take out another mortgage to pay for my kid's college") or unfortunate circumstances beyond one's control ("Cancer doesn't stop the bills, I needed to take out the money at the time...") or an unplanned end of employment ("It was cheaper to hire someone else than keep me") leads to a truly tough spot. Trying to enjoy the Golden Years can run right into financial realities from years past.

The big question on these same client's mind is: "How can I solve this financial puzzle, so I can build a better retirement, without having to sell my home or give up my lifestyle?"

Well, I have answers...

After a 20 year career in residential and consumer finance, I spent several years of intense studying and training learning and mastering the nuance of Reverse Mortgages, and I have finally built a winning program and I want to share my expertise with you, with a FREE, private and confidential Reverse Mortgage Strategy Session.

What's a Strategy Session? Glad you asked! A Strategy Session is a telephone or video meeting between you and I, where you have a forum to have ALL of your questions about Reverse Mortgages answered by a licensed Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer (Yours Truly), and an opportunity to find out from a credible source if a Reverse Mortgage makes sense for your unique situation, and if it does, what specific Reverse Mortgage products may best suit your needs.
In this Strategy Session we will:


  • Review your unique situation and current fiscal picture

  • Discuss your goals

  • Answer ALL of your questions


  • Get an idea of what your home is currently worth

  • Determine if a set-aside will be needed

  • Discover how much you qualify for


  • Identify the best programs and strategies for you

  • Discuss disbursement methods

  • Discuss exit strategies and post-loan concerns

Is a Reverse Mortgage right for everyone? Of course not! But it may be just right for you, and the best way to find out is by scheduling YOUR Strategy Session, RIGHT NOW, by clicking on the button above that will take you to my Calendar Application that will allow you to schedule your session instantly,

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